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System Testing


5.1 Introduction:

Once design has been completed, the software development entered into testing phase. Software must be tested to uncover as many errors as possible before delivery to customer. Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results. The controlled conditions should include both normal and abnormal conditions. Testing should intentionally attempt to make things go wrong to determine if things happen when they shouldn't or things don't happen when they should. After testing any software come out in reality.

5.2 Testing Objectives:

·              Testing is a process of executing a program with the intending of finding an error.

·              A good test case is one that has a high probability of finding undiscovered error.

·              A successful test is one that uncovers undiscovered error.

·              Data collected as testing is conducted provide a good indication of software reliability and indication of software quality as a whole.

·              The objective is not to show absence of errors and defects, it can only show that software errors and defects are present.

5.3 Testing Type

There are mainly two types of testing methods

1.      White-Box-Testing Method

2.      Black-Box-testing Method

In my testing part we have followed Black-Box-testing-Method.

5.3.1 White Box Testing:

            In white box testing test case is designed to test internal program logic to find the error. It guarantee that all independent path within a module have been exercised at least once, exercise all logical designs on their true and false sides, execute all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds and exercise internal data structure to ensure their validity.

It is not possible to exhaustively test every program path because the number of path is simply too large. So it is not possible to get 100% correct software by white box testing.

5.3.2 Black Box testing Method:

This testing type focuses on the functional requirements of the software. Black Box testing enables to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements for a program. It is not an alternative to white box techniques. It is a contemporary approach that is likely to uncover a different class of errors than white box method.

Black box testing attempts to find errors in the following categories:

·        In correct or missing function.

·        Interface errors.

·        Errors in data structure.

·        Behavior or performance errors.

·        Initializing and terminating errors.


Input Form Name

Serial Number

Error Found

Correction Activity

Branch Information



Same Branch Name can be inserted multiple time

Trigger has been written in the insert button.


Alpha Characters are entered in the Phone Number textbox. 


The data type of phone number was varchar. It was changed in to number and the problem was solved.  

Project Information


Possible to insert invalid Branch ID.

List of Value (LOV) is created to solve the problem.

Loan Master



IDCP cal check box does not affect the IDCP amount.

Both in yes /no condition the enable property was true. So it was changed



Loan Master






Disbursement amount will never greater then sanction amount. But it is possible to enter in ‘Disbursement Amount’ filed.

A if condition is added to the trigger to fix the error.





Interest Rate never cross 100. Error found in the ‘interest Rate’ field.

Error was fixed using condition statement. 

Repayment Schedule


Correct Billing dates were not showing in the ‘Details Schedule’ form.

Error found in the in the ‘Cycle Code’ field.   

 Pay Receive


In ‘Transaction Date’ field the entry date will be kept. But it was possible to enter any date.

The error was fixed using sysdate option in the ‘Transaction Date’ field.