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Preliminary Investigation         System Analysis         System Design            System Testing            


System Introduction 



1.1 Origin of the Report:

            As a requirement for my under graduation practicum, I have completed this internship report on “Loan Management System” for Loan Department of Bangladesh Shipla Bank. I implemented this software under the instruction of MD.Ashraf of Beximco Computers and my university (IUB) supervisor Mr. Sayeed Anwar.   

            1.2 Overview of the Project:

            Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) is going to automate their whole banking system. Beximco software is doing this job. They are developing a Bank Management System for BSB. This Bank Management System has several System, module like-Payroll system, Billing system, Project Information system, Employee Management system etc. Loan Management system was one of them. As an internship student Beximco was employed me to this project (Loan Management System). The existing Loan Management System was a paper based manual system.

                    1.2.1 Scope of the Project:

            Scope of the project was to design, install and test automated process of Loan Management System under Oracle server environment with the
 help of Developer 6i in Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. The new system was very much secure, organized, user friendly and satisfied their demand, according to their requirement.

                    1.2.2 Methodology of the Project:

            As internship is the short duration of program of only three months, work was done only with the Loan Management System a part of the Bank Management System of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank. Loan Management System is concern with all kind of loan related information. In this project work was done in several stages for develop a software such as study current system, requirement analysis, system design and testing.